Elegance is not to be noticed
but to be recognized.

Simplicity is the fundamental note
of any true elegance.

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Take your measurements

What you wear must slide on your body giving you well-being, comfort and emotions, thanks to our experience and professionalism we can customize our creations with your measurements.


Choose your fabric

You can choose between the Italian preciousness of silk, cotton, linen, cashmere or the comfort of the micro fibers that slide impalpable and velvety to the touch, awakening all the senses, also thanks to the seductive transparency of the precious lace and embroidery.


Handmade items

The craftsmanship, transmitted from one generation to another, is the foundation of our uniqueness and makes our garments unique and precious. All our creations are handmade, designed to last over time, every detail is taken care of. Each garment has its own story and comes to life from our expert hands.



Our atelier combines the quality and creativity of made in Italy .
Our brand is a love story born in 1987, made of craftsmanship, wisdom and beauty.
Looking for materiality and attention to precious details.
The care for the stylistic aspect and the attention for the fashion content, give life to garments that enhance the female silhouette.
Every day we celebrate the Italian style, giving life to refined creations that speak of contemporary elegance and timeless femininity. Poetry, beauty, refinement to seduce with style and simplicity.


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